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Our Story

In the Beginning...

Welcome to Hevron Springs Golden Girls!


We have always loved animals, being out doors and living in the country. I dream of dog training, and hiking, and helping people and dogs. But, life has always been about raising kids and working and... life. And now? Retirement won't be boring.

Golden Retrievers are an extraordinary breed. They are the sporting sidekick for every child, the hunting buddy, and the calm companion. They work in search and rescue, as handicapped service dogs, and love playing, and cuddling. They aren't hard to groom, highly demanding or sensitive. Retrievers are full of love, loyal and fun.

So, we begin. We have friends who have themselves bred and raised dogs for over 20 years. If I have a question, I know who to go to. I have a certificate as a dog trainer - time to put that in action. I want to know everything there is to know for the care and training of my dogs. We are blessed with beautiful land... and visions of exercise yards, training classes, deluxe kennels, maybe a cool trail winding through it all...


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