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Training Services

Regal Dog Training & Handling

Training Services : Available Pets

Puppy Classes

Focusing on basic Obediece, Socializing, and of course using fun to build a happy healthy relationship between you and your fur baby.


Obedience & Behavior Class

Working directly with you and your dog to ensure a balanced relationship. Offering basics in Obedience as well as working through the difficult behaviors your dog may experience.


Agility Class

Join us in some fun where we will be working on handling techniques, building confidence, improving off leash reliability, communication between dog and handler, increasing body awareness, and improving focusing skills.


Meet the head Trainer & Handler!


 My name is Ruth, I have been training and showing dogs for 10 years (yes since I was younger!) Working with people to help them connect with their dogs is my passion! I use firm but gentle training techniques and I will always recommend treats, toys, and love as a reward. I love when I work with a client, and I watch them really connect and understand their dog, it brings me so much joy! Thats what I hope to bring to you and your dog, a joyful and loving relationship.

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